Behind The Scenes of Cold Brew Copy: How I Use Trello To Manage My Own Creative Business

 Trello Boards -  Behind The Scenes

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You probably already know this by now, but Trello is my jam.

I use Trello for absolutely everything, from setting up my business systems to planning out my monthly blog content.

I have talked about a few ways to use Trello in your creative business before, but today I’m giving you an inside look into exactly how I have set it up for my business and personal life.

If you’d like to get a glimpse into the Cold Brew Copy life, keep reading!

 Trello Boards - Overview

Business Systems board

After spending more than one stressful afternoon scrambling for some documents I needed, and obsessing over wording my emails right, I finally bit the bullet and dedicated a whole weekend to setting up repeatable systems for each of the main areas in my business.

Here’s what that looks like in Trello:

 Trello Board - Business Systems

I have attached a handy little Google Doc to each step of my client intake process to speed up the process of replying to emails and avoid mincing words if an invoice has not been paid on time.

The same thing applies to any documents I use over and over again, like my contacts templates or my Client Welcome Packet. While I customize these documents for each new project, the basics stay the same - and it’s nice to have them organized in the order I am going to need them!

 Trello Board - Welcome Packet

Weekly Planning board

While I usually stick to pen and paper for writing out my daily to-do’s, I prefer to have a weekly structure in place that I can go off of.

 Trello Board - Weekly Planning

As you can see, I typically tackle marketing tasks in the morning, and move on to writing and business admin tasks after my workout.

I will add new cards to this structure as things pop up during the week, but this board is always here to remind me of the basic things that need to get done to keep my business moving forward.

Plus, the “Weekly Focus” list keeps me excited and optimistic about things to come!

Sample Project board

This is what a client of mine might see when they start working with me:

 Trello Boards - Sample Project board

Even though client participation in Trello boards isn’t absolutely necessary, I find that it helps to keep everyone on track (and gives my clients a little bit more insight into what is going on behind the scenes).

This board contains all of our relevant links and documents (no need to go digging through emails!), as well as some notes and extra support from yours truly.

Content Calendar board

Without this, I’d be lost (or rather, never publishing anything on this blog ever again).

 Trello Boards - Content Calendar

I usually start by adding all of my planned posts for the month to the first list, and then moving the cards around as I reach different stages of blog post “readiness”.

When I am feeling like I need the satisfaction of checking small things off my list, I will copy the little blogging To-Do list from the Business Systems board above and check things off as I go for each individual blog post.

Getting Published board

I recently revived my old childhood dreams of being published in a print magazine, and this is where they live now: a Trello board full of article ideas, editors names and my own hopeful ramblings.

(Project Marie Claire is a GO.)

 Trello Boards - Get Published

Besides my #goals list, I have also included a number of magazines and websites that actually pay their writers in this board. I think we can all agree that writing is pretty great, but getting paid to do so is even better!

Wishlist board

I debated whether or not to include this Trello board in this post, as it is a more personal one.

However, the content of this board is still very much connected to my business (aka my primary source of income), so here we go!

Trello Boards - Wishlist board

This is where I write down all the little things I haven’t included in my budget (subscription boxes, anyone?), and that don’t quite fit into my pay-off-student-loans-and-mortgage-as-fast-as-humanly-possible plan.

Having a list of things I would want to have if I was a teeny tiny bit richer (or, you know, did not have the aforementioned loan payments hanging over my head) drives me forward on days when I feel the urge to slack off because my bills are paid.

You guys, Trello is awesome.

If you haven’t tried Trello out for yourself, I really encourage you to do so, especially if you are a highly visual person that enjoys seeing all of your business and life things in one place.

The Trello Gold version is pretty okay too.

To help you get started, I’m actually sharing my Business Systems Trello board with you when you sign up for my email list. 

What are some of your favorite ways to use Trello? Leave a comment below and share them with the rest of us!

Talk soon,