Trello for Creative Entrepreneurs: Should You Upgrade to Trello Gold?

 Trello Gold - Worth the Price?

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On Monday, I talked about my favorite ways to use Trello in my own creative business.

I have been using the free version for years to manage both my personal and my professional life, but, as it turns out, Trello actually has a few paid membership options to choose from as well.

While Trello Business Class and Trello Enterprise are targeted more towards bigger teams, there is a nifty little upgrade option suitable for solopreneurs or creatives with small teams as well: Trello Gold.

For $5/month, it’s pretty cheap - but those $5 can also buy you an extra latte (and you know how I feel about those).

To help you make a decision that’s best suited for your business, I’ve put together a few thoughts on which Trello Gold features are worth the extra $5 - and which are not.

 Trello Gold Features

Trello Gold Features That Are Actually Useful

3 Power Ups

Okay, this is a big one.

Free users only get one Power Up per board. Since I like to use both Google Docs and Calendar view power-ups with Trello, this becomes a bit of a problem.

The Google Drive power up is definitely better than the “Attach a Google Doc” feature - and I don’t like having to choose between that and the Calendar view.

Plus, sometimes I work with teams that like to use Slack quite a bit - in which case the Slack Power Up comes in handy as well.

Trello Gold, you’ve got me on this one.

250 MB Attachment limits

Once in a blue moon, I will be working with some client files that are less-than-ideally sized (e.g. marketing videos).

While there are a few ways to get around the attachment limit, I like the option of simply uploading my ginormous files to Trello, no questions asked. Sue me.

Trello Gold Features I Can Live Without

  • Custom backgrounds. Cool if you’re going for a particular vibe, unnecessary otherwise (especially given the free Unsplash library Trello is connected to!)

  • Extra stickers & emoji. They are cute, but can come off as a bit unprofessional if you are using Trello for project management and client collaboration - so this one gets a “no” from me.

  • Saved Searches. Can’t say I’ve ever used the search feature extensively enough for this to be plus, but it might come in handy for someone with more complex boards. Let me know if you use it and love it - I'd love to hear about your experience!

Bottom line: Is Trello Gold Worth the $5?

Well, sort of.

The one thing missing for me to say “yep, worth it” is the “Collections” feature found in Trello’s Business Class subscriptions.

Since I use Trello for absolutely everything, from my weekly to-dos to my yearly planning, my dashboard can feel a little crowded from time to time. Allowing Trello Gold to group some boards together would be super helpful!

Until then - Trello Gold a nice thing to have (mostly because of the Power Up feature), but it wouldn’t make it into my “Essential Business Upgrades” list by any means.

What do you think? Is the $5/month price tag inconsequential enough to upgrade to Trello Gold?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts with the with the rest of us below!

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