Copywriting for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Will 8 seconds be enough?

That’s how much time you have to hook your website visitor.

8 seconds.

8 measly short seconds to convince them to take a chance on you and your business.

Will it be enough?

Your website copy can make it enough.

Your website copy can amaze, entertain, and convince your potential customer to buy… Or it can fall flat.

Which is it going to be?

You decide.

Your chance to change the world


Website copywriting for purpose-driven businesses

You need copy that compels and sells.

We are prepared to give it to you.

But are you prepared to do the work with us?


How It Works


Brand Development

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. Your brand is what is going to get you the sale. Your brand is what’s going to change the world.

That’s why we won’t write a single word of website copy until we have put you through the Cold Brew Brand Development Process.

You will have to do some work here and answer questions about your audience, your market, and your business vision.


The first draft

After we have discovered what makes your business work (and your audience tick), we will sit down to pen the very first draft of your copy.

We take everything we know about you and your brand, and package it in a neat, high-converting website copywriting bundle that’s uniquely YOU.

In the meantime, you can jet off to Maldives, or take a nap in your home office, knowing that everything is taken care of.


polishing & Refining

After the first draft is done, we will follow our tried-and-tested editing process that could put the New York Times editors to shame.

There will be no guessing here. Alongside The First Draft, you will get your complete Editing & Feedback Questionnaire that will let you express exactly what you are thinking.


you often ask…


So How much does this cost?

Our website copywriting packages start at $1,200. Discounts are offered to those who commit to packages early and decisively.

And how long till I get my copy?

We’ve got a 4-week turnaround time. To save your spot in our calendar, make sure to get in touch a few weeks before you ideal project date.

Do you do anything else besides website copy?

We also offer email marketing and content creation services, but those are usually reserved for clients who have already gone through our Brand Development and website copywriting process.

If you can make a convincing case for why we should let you in anyway, there might be some room for exceptions.

Not unless you want to hop on the phone and chat. The best part about working with systems and processes is the fact that we don’t have to do this.

Are phone calls required?


Your Kind Words

“Eva did a great job, really exceeding my expectations. Her ideas and methodology were great!”

Cliff Hirsch, Pinestream Consulting

“"I've have found my new copywriting person. Absolutely awesome copy, communication, and a delight to work with. If you're looking for a copywriter with a human touch - look no further and hire Eva!”

KhaBeeR Rockley, The 5% Institute

“"Eva is outstanding. She understands the needs for content that sells, and it was very fast onboarding her to needs for our business. Very flexible too!”"

Lori Johnson, Appara Marketing


Your Next Move

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