Selling your stuff while you sleep - in a genuine, authentic way - is a dream come true.

Stop the feast-and-famine cycle and do work that you love.

Let’s be honest here: looking for new clients (over and over again) is a mess.

If the idea of a sales call makes your armpits “I haven’t been on a first date since I started” sweaty, and hosting a live webinar requires a weeklong mental preparation, you need to shift the way you’ve been doing things… With the help of your trusty morning copywriter.

Sales Funnel Copywriter

I’m Eva, your sales funnel superstar.

I work with introverted entrepreneurs who want to spread their message into the world without feeling like they are selling.


Nod Your Head if This is You…

  • You never fee like

  • You can’t seem to get

  • Your life doesn’t

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For real.

Here’s how


The Morning Brew

30 Days of Instagram captions taken care of.

What’s in the cup:

  • The Morning Brew questionnaire to understand your brand voice, your social media goals as well as your audience profile.

  • 30 custom-created, engaging and on-brand social media updates that will include a mix of:

    • Inspiring quotes

    • Engaging questions

    • Blog post updates

    • Lead generation updates

    • Sales updates to share products/services

    • Discussion topics

BONUS: Social media caption copy to announce your new offering

Total value:

Your investment:


(Yes, of course I offer payment plans. Simply leave me a note in the application form & I will make sure to keep that in mind!)


How it All Works

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

I know what you’re thinking…

How can I be sure this is the right choice for me?

That’s why the chat.

How many revisions are included?

Two rounds of revisions are always.

What if I don’t like the end product anyway? Do you offer refunds?

Copywriting is a highly creative work.

Will you design this for me?

Trust me, you don’t want me anywhere near your.

I strongly believe that copy should come before design, so I will absolutely offer some pointers to make sure your designer helps you make the most of it.

Will you upload these into my website/email system?

If you and ConvertKit are not friends, we can discuss a potential add-on to the package. Simply make a note about it in your application form and I will

How much time will this take? If I book now, when will I get my copy?

You will get your copy exactly 7 days after you complete you “homework.”

That said, I do believe in copy emergencies, so I have a special little VIP rate that essentially turns me into your personal copywriter for 3 days.

What are my next steps?

Scroll back up and click on one of the package options. It will take you to a beautiful Typeform - after you’ve submitted that, I will get back to you within 1 business day.

I still have questions. Where can I reach you?

Shoot me an email at eva(at) I typically respond to email enquires no later than in 2 business days.