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Brand voice masterclass

This comprehensive workbook was created with a new entrepreneur in mind. Need to make sure your voice is yours and your only? Get yours now.


perfect blog post checklist

Never miss the mark again with this handy little checklist that takes your blog posts from zero to hero. No marketing knowledge required!


Business systems template

We love our systems and processes here at Cold Brew Copy, and we think you might too. Get our Trello template here now!


A peak inside our toolbox

What we use to write your copy, keep your project files organized, and create those stunning Pinterest images that probably brought you here in the first place.

(There’s an affiliate link or two in here. You have been warned.)


Writing basics

All of our writing and editing happens in good, old Google Docs.

However, before any copy can be written, we need to create some basic wireframes. That happens in here.

And when we are done? Grammarly takes care of the editing and catches any errors our slightly-over-caffeinated brains may have missed.

Staying organized

We structure all of our client projects in Asana.

It’s an invaluable tool for running a business of any size, and we couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. If you work with us, you will get a chance to see for yourself!


Graphics & visuals

We’ve got a few freelance designers on speed-dial (shoot us a message if you want recommendations), but we don’t turn to them for every Instagram post or graphic.

When we want to give our own design skills a try, PicMonkey is our tool of choice.


A support system for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

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